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Get brighter, glowing skin with the Luma by Laura Luma Bella!

Erase years of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage with Luma Bella. Our high-potency Vitamin C serum is supercharged with aloe, witch hazel, and other natural ingredients that work to reduce signs of skin aging while keeping the skin supple and healthy-looking.

Thanks to its powerful blend of natural ingredients, our face and body serum has hydrating properties that offer a relaxing and rejuvenating facial. It targets hard-to-reach areas, solving skin issues even from beneath the surface.

Rich in antioxidants, our skin care product soothes the skin at its roots, providing extensive coverage. To use, first wash your face, then pat the skin dry. Apply a thin layer of serum to your face, neck, and décolletage using your fingertips. Allow the product to absorb and dry completely before applying moisturizer. Use once or twice daily.


  • 💛 DEFY AGING  Restore your skin to its youthful glory with our face serum. This anti-aging vitamin C serum may improve skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • 💛 ORGANIC & NATURAL  Our vitamin C face serum professionally-formulated with natural ingredients backed by clinical research. It contains 20% vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil. 
  • 💛 FEEL SOFTER ALL OVER  Achieve a silky-smooth complexion with our powerful, moisturizing anti aging serum. It has hydrating properties that deeply penetrate the skin to leave it supple and plump.
  • 💛 LET YOUR SKIN GLOW  Elevate the appearance of your skin with our revitalizing and brightening serum. It may help even out the complexion, alleviate dryness, and reverse damage caused by the sun.
  • 💛 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES  Our potent formulation does not contain harmful chemicals or additives that can irritate the skin. You can be sure it is safe for use even on those with sensitive skin.


Aloe, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil , Vitamin C 


How does Luma Bella actually work? Luma Bella is made small molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients.  Because of this, it is a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and dryness.

Should I be using Luma Bella and a moisturizer? Yes!  Luma Bella is not meant to replace your moisturizer but is used in order to boost its hydrating effects.

When should I use Luma Bella? You should generally apply Luma Bella Vitamin C Serum after you cleanse and tone, but before you use moisturizer once or twice a day.


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